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Membrane contactors technology

Ederna : Membrane contactors technology

Natural odorant molecules have a high added value and are very widely employed in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or perfume industries. Their separation, traditionally ensured by distillation or liquid-liquid extraction, remains a difficult and costly operation. New technologies are now being developed. One of these is membrane contactors developed by a french cleantech company named Ederna which, because of their compactness, flexibility, selectivity and low energy and solvent consumption, have undeniable more Read more


Innovative green particles

Pylote : Innovative green particles

PYLOTE design, implement and product nano and micro spherical particles and additives, with specific properties, to bring up new functions to final products and materials from innovative and cleantech technology. Moreover, to answer to your customer needs and to ensure the optimal quality and reliability of your product, PYLOTE can go with you from the idea to your final more Read more


Microalgae based fuels

Eco-solution : Microalgae based fuels

Eco-Solution is dedicated to overall performance improvement in industrial biological processes by increasing microbial biodiversity. The company has developed a unique technology platform enabling to select and develop micro-organisms with a performance allowing to satisfy industrial environmental and regulatory requirements. This directed in vivo evolution platform is based on the acceleration of natural evolution and requires no manipulation of the more Read more


Reduce aircraft vortex and pollution

Minix : Reduce aircraft vortex and pollution

MINIX has developed a cylindrical wing tip with helical slot, designed for 6% fuel savings, increased flight range and CO2 reduction. It offers a considerable reduction in the induced drag, a net increase of lift and of fineness and an artificial wing span increase with a fluidity of wing tip vortices.

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Increase yield of biomass cogeneration

COGEBIO : Increase yield of biomass cogeneration

Based in Lyon, Cogebio is a french engineering company developing new technology for energy production from biomass, both powerful, clean and inexpensive.The company developed a process based on a new thermodynamic cycle for electricity production from wood more Read more