French CleanTech

Air Serenity

Indoor air purifier

Air Serenity : Indoor air purifier

Air Serenity has developed an innovative device which will clean air to remove pollutants and fix it on mineral material, and to eliminate these pollutants thanks to a cold plasma.
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High pressure hydrogen

Ergosup : High pressure hydrogen

ERGOSUP has developed an innovative technology to produce high-pressure hydrogen to be used in particular for "zero emission" mobility applications.

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Cigarette stub collector

Cy-Clope : Cigarette stub collector

Knowing that a cigarette stub is the most thrown waste in the world, nearly 135,000 every second, Cy-Clope developed an innovative waste management solution to solve this more Read more

Forsee Power

Battery system integrator

Forsee Power : Battery system integrator

Forsee Power was established in 2011 with the aim of positioning itself in the high added value battery market for portable and mobile equipment, electrical transport and energy more Read more

Naio Technologies

Agricultural robots

Naio Technologies : Agricultural robots

After several years of research and development the french cleantech company developed agricultural robots and autonomous more Read more