French CleanTech


Energy storage

E4V : Energy storage

E4V is a french cleantech company which puts its know-how in terms of electric energy storage at the service of many applications: automotive, trains, vessels, hybride vehicles, agricultural machinery, stationary solutions, more Read more


Blade inspection technology

Cornis : Blade inspection technology

Cornis is specialized in blade inspection solutions enable to go over the entire recorded blade surface and to directly comment and spot the suspicious zones, impacts, cracks, defects and signs of more Read more


New boiler generation

BoostHeat : New boiler generation

The innovation is based on an original and patented thermal compression component allowing the development of new generation boilers that reduce consumption by 25 to 60% through the heat pump effect. read more Read more


Innovative micro battery

I-Ten : Innovative micro battery

Based in Lyon, I-Ten developed a new generation of micro battery from nanotechnology and protected by eight patent more Read more


Clean indoor lighting

Echy : Clean indoor lighting

Echy is developing a unique light technology bringing clean, natural light and highest possible quality without unwanted warm and ultraviolet.
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