French CleanTech
Energy generation


Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno : Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno is a french cleantech company providig solutions for reusing wastewater and organic waste as an alternative means to produce energy. Akaeno expertise combines precision, flexibility and performance for wastewater treatment needs. Efficient performance with Akaeno patented processes is based on its ability and flexibility to adapt to a wide range of situations and pollution more Read more

CNIM Group

Flue Gas Cleaning

CNIM Group : Flue Gas Cleaning

The CNIM Group provides turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content and offers research and expertise services via its subsidiary Bertin. Its main business sectors are  environmental engineering, complex systems for defence and industry, transport, energy and life more Read more


Aqualienne Eco turbine

ISI : Aqualienne Eco turbine

Slicom Group is a mechanical integrator who ensure a full management of your request, from design up to maintenance. With its subsidiary ISI, the group offers to buy the assets of the company H3E and the brand AQUALIENNE under which the latter designs and develops hydroelectric eco-turbines. This acquisition is in line with its strategy to diversify into the energy market.  The company is also developing its activity in the main fields of aircraft industry and space, industrial goods production and energy more Read more


Solar ice fridge

Solaref : Solar ice fridge

SOLAREF is an autonomous solar ice fridge, 100% thermal solar, without wear nor maintenance, providing affordable and environmentally safe refrigeration for the maintenance of vaccines and medicines, and the preservation of food. It is producedby the SOLAREF company, and it is extremely useful where there is no electricity or difficulties in supplies of electricity (energy). Furthermore SOLAREFhas a cooperative trade distribution network strategy , through which helps installing the solar ice fridge in every part of the more Read more

Apple wind

The wind future

Apple wind : The wind future

Apple-wind designs, manufactures and markets wind turbines with vertical axis and high performance. 6 years were devoted to the design of a new generation of vertical axis wind turbine with high efficiency, innovations that were the subject of two patents. For this it relied on various research centers, including ENSM Douai (Laboratory for Industrial Energy Systems), Laboratory of Electricity and power electronics from the Ecole Centrale de Lille and Polytech' more Read more