French CleanTech
Water & Wastewater


Desalinisation & Demineralization

3MW : Desalinisation & Demineralization

3MW is a french cleantech company which has designed a simple, robust and modular equipment that reproduces the natural water cycle. MEDC technology makes it possible to produce fresh demineralized water from sea or brackish water. The way it works is very simple, as it reproduces the natural water cycle in a compact module: evaporating the water, then diffusing the vapor into the air, and condensing it in the form of distilled waterread more Read more


Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno : Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno is a french cleantech company providig solutions for reusing wastewater and organic waste as an alternative means to produce energy. Akaeno expertise combines precision, flexibility and performance for wastewater treatment needs. Efficient performance with Akaeno patented processes is based on its ability and flexibility to adapt to a wide range of situations and pollution more Read more


Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens : Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens develops and markets a new generation of measuring instruments with sensors based on Microsystems technologies for monitoring and measuring the quality of water and industrial liquids. The product list includes unique and revolutionary sensors for continuous, real-time and in-situ measurement of fouling (biofilm & scale) thickness inside industrial equipment carrying water or industrial liquids, as well as monitoring solutions for continuous measurement with automatic calibration of dissolved oxygen at very low levels (ppb) in water or more Read more


Water treatment system

RC-Lux : Water treatment system

Founded in Meylan, RC-Lux offers innovative solutions for securing bacteriological water at its point of use, around its solution aquaCare. RC Lux was created in 2003 when Pascal Sortais, an LPSC research engineer and specialist in plasma and ion sources, realized that commercial UV lamps were expensive and offered a relatively low shelf life (merely a few thousand hours). With both this support and strong backing from investors, Pascal Sortais created RC Lux in January 2006, with his associate Xavier Pelletread more Read more