French CleanTech


Hydro Power expert

Mecamidi : Hydro Power expert

For over 50 years, Mecamidi is involved in the hydropower industry business. The french group designs and manufactures small and average Hydropower Plants, up to 30 more Read more


Solar refrigerators & freezers

2IDEA : Solar refrigerators & freezers

Based in Toulouse, 2IDEA is a french cleantech company manufacturing an innovative technology named FREECOLD ®. This innovation is a cooling and freezing processes for places which are not connected to power grid. This unique technology using solar or wind energy, avoids to use expensive and limited life batteries. FREECOLD refrigerators and freezers are suitable for many kinds of application : Home, Business and more Read more

Sud Ecowatt

Innovative solar heating

Sud Ecowatt : Innovative solar heating

Sud Ecowatt is a french cleantech company developing a system which can cover up to 60% of heating needs and 80% of hot water. This innovative company has developed in partnership with ICAM Toulouse, a wall heater in brick flood large thermal inertia driven by an hydraulic system powered by heat from the photovoltaic sensors. This concept allows a maximum value of solar energy captured by a simple hydraulic network and its operation at very low temperatures and meets the requirements of the HQE (High Environmental Quality).read more Read more


Green conception and manufacturing of bioplastics parts

Vegeplast : Green conception and manufacturing of bioplastics parts

Vegeplast conceives and makes biodegradable plastic parts of vegetale origin which associates ecology, environmental protection and industry. This french cleantech companies is focusing on plastic pieces with limited use in time as sports and leisure articles, animal food toys, defence training pieces. With its unique Vegemat innovation, the company has developed a bioplastic made from corn and other plants easily shaped, durable and more Read more


Maximize solar power systems

MPPC : Maximize solar power systems

MPPC Technology is a privately held company built on patented technology that maximizes solar harvesting, transfer, and storage for photovoltaic (PV) power system. The company is developing a power controller for managing the flow of electricity produced from solar panels. This innovative device allows you to optimize production while avoiding the loss of electricity (from 5% to 10%) with existing more Read more