French CleanTech


Microbial fuel cell technology

PACMI : Microbial fuel cell technology

A french start up, PACMI managed by Luc Etcheverry from the Laboratoire de Genie Chimique from Toulouse, is developing of a microbial fuel cell to treat effluents and produce power. This project demonstrates how organic waste is more than ever a future energy more Read more


natural fiber car components

Taskeo : natural fiber car components

Taskeo is a french start up initiated by Sebastian Kulak and the laboratory of mechanical and composite CRIT. It aims to develop a vehicle workshop (utility) 100% electric combining 3 innovations: the multi-energy management, the use of organic materials (Eco design) and a lightweight more Read more


Methanization & Biogas

Methaneva : Methanization & Biogas

Methaneva is a french innovative company, founded in May 2006 with the support of the incubator Midi-Pyrenees. The company is specialised in methanization units and biogas and is conducting audits, feasibility studies. read more Read more


Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens : Pure Sensor Solutions

Neosens develops and markets a new generation of measuring instruments with sensors based on Microsystems technologies for monitoring and measuring the quality of water and industrial liquids. The product list includes unique and revolutionary sensors for continuous, real-time and in-situ measurement of fouling (biofilm & scale) thickness inside industrial equipment carrying water or industrial liquids, as well as monitoring solutions for continuous measurement with automatic calibration of dissolved oxygen at very low levels (ppb) in water or more Read more


Membrane contactors technology

Ederna : Membrane contactors technology

Natural odorant molecules have a high added value and are very widely employed in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or perfume industries. Their separation, traditionally ensured by distillation or liquid-liquid extraction, remains a difficult and costly operation. New technologies are now being developed. One of these is membrane contactors developed by a french cleantech company named Ederna which, because of their compactness, flexibility, selectivity and low energy and solvent consumption, have undeniable more Read more