French CleanTech
Energy efficiency


Cold production by thermochemical reaction

Coldinnov : Cold production by thermochemical reaction

Based in Toulouse, the company develops a real disruptive innovation thanks to a thermochemical reaction totally reversible and more Read more

Sud Ecowatt

Innovative solar heating

Sud Ecowatt : Innovative solar heating

Sud Ecowatt is a french cleantech company developing a system which can cover up to 60% of heating needs and 80% of hot water. This innovative company has developed in partnership with ICAM Toulouse, a wall heater in brick flood large thermal inertia driven by an hydraulic system powered by heat from the photovoltaic sensors. This concept allows a maximum value of solar energy captured by a simple hydraulic network and its operation at very low temperatures and meets the requirements of the HQE (High Environmental Quality).read more Read more


Maximize solar power systems

MPPC : Maximize solar power systems

MPPC Technology is a privately held company built on patented technology that maximizes solar harvesting, transfer, and storage for photovoltaic (PV) power system. The company is developing a power controller for managing the flow of electricity produced from solar panels. This innovative device allows you to optimize production while avoiding the loss of electricity (from 5% to 10%) with existing more Read more


Membrane contactors technology

Ederna : Membrane contactors technology

Natural odorant molecules have a high added value and are very widely employed in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or perfume industries. Their separation, traditionally ensured by distillation or liquid-liquid extraction, remains a difficult and costly operation. New technologies are now being developed. One of these is membrane contactors developed by a french cleantech company named Ederna which, because of their compactness, flexibility, selectivity and low energy and solvent consumption, have undeniable more Read more