French CleanTech

Sillages environnement

Environmental risks simulation

Sillages environnement : Environmental risks simulation

Simulating on screen with a 3D image very explicitly, the explosion of a flammable chemical and its impact on the neighborhood is the goal of a software developed by the french Cleantech company named Sillages Environment. Created last September by Lionel Soulhac, Sillages Environnement developed a software allowing people in positions of “decision” to understand, visualize and map an area of risk, by ensuring the rigor of scientific more Read more


Vacuum tube solar

Tecnisun : Vacuum tube solar

Tecnisun is a french cleantech manufacturer of solar thermal collectors in vacuum tubes and heat pipes. The company also distributes components for solar installations. These kits enable the production of heat for various applications, such as solar water heating, and solar heating for individuals and more Read more


LIBS analysers for pollution control

Ivea : LIBS analysers for pollution control

Founded in 2005, IVEA Solution industrializes and markets LIBS analyzers (LIBS : Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) under a licence agreement of CEA and AREVA. The use of their analysers contributes to improving industrial processes and thus reduces consumption of energy and raw materials used by manufacturers. The LIBS technology also enables an analysis of materials during production to reduce the quantity of scrap. Finally, it is used to check the nature of solid, gas and liquid industrial more Read more


Autonomous energy generator

Arveni : Autonomous energy generator

ARVENI is a high tech start up in the booming industry of wireless sensor network. The company designs, produces and sells microgenerators for industrials dedicated to piezoelectric energy harvesting. Arveni has developed its proprietary technology, protected by 7 patents so far. Arveni’s team is made up of 3 highly skilled engineers, and is focused on the most demanding more Read more

BH Environnement

Optimise waste collection

BH Environnement : Optimise waste collection

BH Environment, a division of the French company BH Technologies, offers a patented technology solution that is revolutionizing the collection of waste by the public. BH Environnement has developed an ultra-sonic sensor, SYREN, able to perform real-time “weighing distance” bins.This technology reduces noise pollution caused by unnecessary flushes and the use of collection more Read more