French CleanTech
Energy infrastructure


Smart City Software

Forcity : Smart City Software

ForCity provides public authorities and businesses with a simulation tool to help them anticipate challenges and optimise planning. read more Read more


Wind tower construction plants

Céole : Wind tower construction plants

Céole is a french company spécialised in wind tower construction. Based in Bourgogne, the cleantech company is expecting to be a reference in the wind tower more Read more

S3d convert

S3d convert animal fat into biofuel

S3d convert : S3d convert animal fat into biofuel

S3d is a french cleantech company developing and marketing equipment which enables on-site processing and energy recovery of organic waste. S3d offers “turnkey” waste recycling equipment in view of producing energy. Through an innovative process named Valorfat®, the company enables animal fat to be converted into biofuel. The latter may then be used in a cogeneration diesel engine to produce electricity and heat. Tests on the demonstrator are conclusive, and the efficiency rate remains close to that obtained with diesel fuel while NOx and particle emissions are reduced by 80%read more Read more


Innovative building integrated photovoltaïc

Systovi : Innovative building integrated photovoltaïc

SYSTOVI is a french independant manufacturer of solar panels and photovoltaic systems. Created in December 2008, the company is specialized in BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaïc) and develops systems for photovoltaic building integrating several functions, such as electricity generation high performance, waterproofing, insulation and recovery of hot air, while allowing perfect aesthetic more Read more


Solar tracking specialist

Exosun : Solar tracking specialist

EXOSUN, founded in 2007, designs, supplies, and integrates solar tracking and solar concentration systems, dedicated to clean energy production. The company has patented a solar tracking system that carries standard solar panels and will be able to withstand the restraints of solar concentration more Read more