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Stoc Environnement

Individual wastewater treatment

Stoc Environnement : Individual wastewater treatment

Today, about 13 million french people are outside of an area connected to a wastewater treatment system. This represents a strong market opportunity for individual wastewater treatment solutions addressing this problem. Stoc environnement is a french company which designs and manufactures equipment for the individual wastewater treatment. The Company is particularly active in the market for small systems to individual treatment and is now a leading innovative French manufacturer mainly through the micro station OXY-8 and its innovative membrano more Read more


Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam : Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam is a french cleantech company which has developed a unique expertise in one of the major players in the global chemical before becoming an independent company in 2008. The initial goal was to build an approach combining environmental and cost reduction with resources and means optimized. The results were beyond expectations with improved environmental performance and regulatory compliance associated with cost reductions up to 100% by establishing project recovery for example. All projects over forty industrial sites in Europe, helped to generate approximately 40 million euros in savings over 5 years. Today, Ewam offers this unique expertise to all production sites of the Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy / Automotive and more Read more


Catalytic ozonation

Technavox : Catalytic ozonation

Technavox is a french cleantech company specialized in the treatment of the industrial waters for the elimination of the COD. TECHNAVOX proposes an economical, successful and environmental solution, Catalytic Ozonation, makes conception and realization of the installations of treatment. Partner of SEREP company, TECHNAVOX is able to solve numerous pollution cases met in the industrial field : effluents containing suspended solids, hydrocarbons, colloid substances, metals, solvent or water-soluble paint, …with technologies as separators/deoilers, electrocoagulation systems, oleofilters. Technavox is a privileged partner of the manufacturers in their actions of environmental more Read more


Water leak detection technology

Hydrelis : Water leak detection technology

Hydrelis is an innovative french company specialised in the field of monitoring and protecting drinking water networks. The company developed an innovation named CLIP-flow control to analyse and cut the water supply in case of anomaly, just like a circuit breaker cut power to incidentsread more Read more


Ultraviolet water treatment

Bio-uv : Ultraviolet water treatment

BIO-UV is a french manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment. On its production sites in Lunel (France) and Los Angeles (USA), the BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems and more Read more