French CleanTech
Energy generation


Flexible Innovative Solution

Disasolar : Flexible Innovative Solution

DisaSolar specializes in second generation flexible photovoltaics and strives to meet customer energy requirements for grid-tied systems or  remote / off grid more Read more


Weather risk management

Metnext : Weather risk management

Metnext is a leading company in weather risk analysis, with a specific expertise in the energy sector. Metnext provides studies and tools enabling companies to evaluate and anticipate their weather risk exposure and to manage it effectivelyread more Read more


Innovative hydrogen production systems

CETH : Innovative hydrogen production systems

CETH is a french cleantech company developing technologies and products for industry and education in the field of decentralised hydrogen production and purification. CETH’s markets address both energy and non-energy hydrogen in practically all fields, while promoting zero emission decentralised hydrogen more Read more


reinvent bioethanol

Deinove : reinvent bioethanol

Paris-based Deinove is a french company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel microbiological technologies and their application to the field of bioenergy. Founded in 2006, the company specialized in the development of breakthrough industrial microbial processes for the production of 2nd-generation biofuels, chemical commodities and compounds of industrial interest using Deinococcus and other radio-resistant more Read more

Ceram Hyd

Hydrogen storage

Ceram Hyd : Hydrogen storage

Created in 2005, Ceram Hyd is a French Company focusing on hydrogen technologies.The company’s core activities are R&D in the domains of hydrogen production, storage and re-conversion into more Read more