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BH Environnement

Optimise waste collection

BH Environnement : Optimise waste collection

BH Environment, a division of the French company BH Technologies, offers a patented technology solution that is revolutionizing the collection of waste by the public. BH Environnement has developed an ultra-sonic sensor, SYREN, able to perform real-time “weighing distance” bins.This technology reduces noise pollution caused by unnecessary flushes and the use of collection more Read more


Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam : Competitiveness and environmental performance

Ewam is a french cleantech company which has developed a unique expertise in one of the major players in the global chemical before becoming an independent company in 2008. The initial goal was to build an approach combining environmental and cost reduction with resources and means optimized. The results were beyond expectations with improved environmental performance and regulatory compliance associated with cost reductions up to 100% by establishing project recovery for example. All projects over forty industrial sites in Europe, helped to generate approximately 40 million euros in savings over 5 years. Today, Ewam offers this unique expertise to all production sites of the Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy / Automotive and more Read more


Hazardous waste recycling

Recupyl : Hazardous waste recycling

RECUPYL is specialised in the development and industrial implementation of recycling technologies. These technologies, based on hydrometallurgy, support the transformation of waste into valuable materials for re-use, thus closing the loop. They use processes with low energy consumption and no air-borne environmental more Read more