French CleanTech
Water & Wastewater


Digital boiler

Stimergy : Digital boiler

Stimergy recycles all the energy consumed by your servers to heat hot water of your sport center, campus, residential buildings, laundries and swimming more Read more


Clean Water Solutions

TMW : Clean Water Solutions

The company is a water innovation startup based in Paris, Angers and Dubai. After 10 years of research and development, TMW has launched a line of water treatment appliances and thermal exchangers, all Made in more Read more


Ecological solutions & concepts

Otonome : Ecological solutions & concepts

Otonome's primary focus is on autonomy at a micro level: household, building, neighbourhood, while keeping the well-being of users as a key value.The company developed the first non-wastful ecological solution that increases comfort.
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Fluidic intelligence

Fluidion : Fluidic intelligence

Fluidion™ is developing sampling and measurement solutions for applications such as water quality and environmental monitoring, oceanographic surveillance and offshore leak more Read more


Technology serving agriculture

ITK : Technology serving agriculture

ITK is a french company which capitalizes on possibilities offered by technology to answer concrete requests from farmers and agricultural more Read more