French CleanTech


High pressure hydrogen

Ergosup : High pressure hydrogen

ERGOSUP has developed an innovative technology to produce high-pressure hydrogen to be used in particular for "zero emission" mobility applications.

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Cigarette stub collector

Cy-Clope : Cigarette stub collector

Knowing that a cigarette stub is the most thrown waste in the world, nearly 135,000 every second, Cy-Clope developed an innovative waste management solution to solve this more Read more


Energy harvesting technology

Enerbee : Energy harvesting technology

Enerbee technology consists of a miniature generator that uses movement—even very slow—to produce electricity. It offers two main class of products replacing wires and batteries in smart objects.
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Save innovations

Recover energy of low flow fluids

Save innovations : Recover energy of low flow fluids

Save Innovations commits to develop the production of the « just needed » electricity at its point of use by being able to turn this wealth of low-speed flows into more Read more


Digital boiler

Stimergy : Digital boiler

Stimergy recycles all the energy consumed by your servers to heat hot water of your sport center, campus, residential buildings, laundries and swimming more Read more