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S3d convert animal fat into biofuel

S3d convert : S3d convert animal fat into biofuel

S3d is a french cleantech company developing and marketing equipment which enables on-site processing and energy recovery of organic waste. S3d offers “turnkey” waste recycling equipment in view of producing energy. Through an innovative process named Valorfat®, the company enables animal fat to be converted into biofuel. The latter may then be used in a cogeneration diesel engine to produce electricity and heat. Tests on the demonstrator are conclusive, and the efficiency rate remains close to that obtained with diesel fuel while NOx and particle emissions are reduced by 80%


The Company was created by Anthony KERIHUEL and Luc GERUN. They both have a PHD in physics from the Ecole des Mines of Nantes. Anthony Kerihuel, from the Ecole Polytechnique of Marseille, prepared a thesis on the emulsification of animal fat.