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Cleantech Forum San Francisco 
January 27-29, 2020

Connect to the people and companies with the power to deliver a decarbonized future at Cleantech Forum San Francisco on 27-29 January 2020.

frenchcleantech/societes/images/Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2020.jpgSince 2002, we’ve brought together global investors, innovators, corporates and change makers looking for answers to the biggest question: who will lead the transformation we’re all waiting for? This year, the theme of the Forum echoes the growing pressure to deliver solutions: Welcome to the Chaos of the 2020s: Urgent Actions, Unusual Strategies, Unexpected Allies. Join us for three days of opportunities to discover how to succeed in increasingly turbulent times. In San Francisco, you’ll find the people and ideas that matter and leave with the contacts and network to help you take the next steps.

More information : Cleantech Forum 


before Sept 8, 2019

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French Cleantech partners with Big Booster to announce the Season 4 has officially started! Applications are now opened until September 8th Big Booster is a global accelerating program helping startups grow at an international scale, with a program based in Lyon and Boston - more info attached. We welcome startups from every country and from the 4 following sectors : Smart Manufacturing, Bio & health- Services, Digital products , Global Impact.

Startups can apply here !


BOSTON Immersion Program
before 30 May 2019

frenchcleantech/societes/images/Cleantech Call MassCEC - Richi Entrepreneurs French Cleantech 2019.jpgFrench Cleantech is pleased to support the Boston Immersion program dedicated to cleantech companies, organized by Richi Entrepreneurs and ACTION Innovation Network. Cleantech companies with a focus on energy storage, offshore wind, microgrids, energy resilience, clean transportation and water innovation can join the 2019 international cohort of the Boston Immersion program. The program is aimed at international companies to connect and initiate meaningful relationships with the key players in the Northeastern US - electric utilities, key stakeholders in the energy supply chain, cleantech investors, clean energy industry experts, and private & public institutions. Participants take full advantage of one of the most advanced innovation ecosystems worldwide and define their strategies to become attractive to the US market, bringing their businesses to the next level. You can apply to the Cleantech Call, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, until May 31st :

15-16 May 2019


Ecosummit accelerates smart green startups, investors and corporates. The vision is to automate sustainability in energy, mobility and cities. The 10th Ecosummit Berlin takes place on 15-16 May 2019 at Radialsystem, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin. It’s going to be our 10 year anniversary and they will organise another state-of-the-art event and massive party. The Ecosummit BBQ on 16 May 2019 will be open to the families of the participants. The conferences are startup markets enabling business development, co-investing, open innovation, corporate venturing and M&A.

More information : ECOSUMMIT


Cleantech Forum 2019 - San Francisco
January 28-30, 2019

This annual event gathering of the global cleantech innovation community offers a comprehensive, three-day program along with exclusive opportunities to network, learn, and get deals done. This event is building around the idea of “Diversity of Thought.”Since 2002, Cleantech Group has brought together clean technology’s most influential leaders – corporate executives, start-up and growth company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other players.

Find more information on : Cleantech Forum 2019

Cleantech Venture Day - London
30 -31 October 2018

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French Cleantech is attending the Cleantech Venture Day which will take place in London on 30th and 31st of October 2018. The event is organised by Cambridge Cleantech with the Nordic Innovation Accelerator. Twenty cleantech companies will pitch to an audience of experienced investors and corporate innovation leaders at this world-class investment event. Are you a cleantech company looking for investment? Or an investor searching for emerging technology? Applications to pitch close on the 21st September! 

More information : Cleantech Day

Apply to pitch : Cleantech Venture Day

International Cleantech Week - Annecy
June 19-24, 2018

frenchcleantech/societes/images/International Cleantech Week FrenchCleantech.jpgInternational Cleantech Week is a world exhibition dedicated to Clean Technologies. The International CleanTech Week is the first international event dedicated to technological innovations that value natural energies: water, air, sun and earth. The CleanTech Week will take place in June 2018 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. Their desire is to bring together the players of the clean technological revolution, to demonstrate relevant and technological innovations. This event is at the intersection of the intelligence, talent and inventiveness of innovators and start-ups, advanced technologies, renewable energies, new economies, investors and event communication. The "Fifth Element" Association is the organizer of CleanTech Week.

More information on : International Cleantech Week 2018

Tennerdis - General Assembly 2018 - Lyon
May 18, 2018

French Cleantech Tennerdis

Albin Jourda from French Cleantech was invited as a speaker during the General Assembly of Tennerdis, the french competitiveness cluster which supports energy technology companies across France’s Rhône-Alpes region in their efforts to expand their footprint in the global carbon-free energy market. The cluster has two main objectives: develop the production of renewable energies and their conversion into other energy carriers, such as electricity, heat or hydrogen; and optimize their use in the building and transportation sectors.

More information on : Tennerdis


Eco Summit - Paris
March 6, 2018




Eco Summit Paris takes place on 6 March 2018 at Bpifrance Le Hub, Boulevard Haussmann 6/8, 75009 Paris and focuses on smart green energy, mobility and cities. Ecosummit accelerates smart green startups, investors and corporates in energy, mobility and cities. The conferences are physical marketplaces enabling business development, co-investing, open innovation and corporate venturing. They also advise startups on optimising their Series A/B/C, develop a coworking space in Berlin and raise a €15M seed fund.

More information on : Eco Summit Paris


Cleantech Forum 2018 - San Francisco
January 22 -24, 2018

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Now in its 16th year, Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2018 will once again be a true kick off for your year – mark your calendars for January 22-24, 2018! This annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community offers a comprehensive, three-day program along with exclusive opportunities to network, learn, and get deals done. Since 2002, Cleantech Group has brought together clean technology’s most influential leaders – corporate executives, start-up and growth company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other players.

Find more information on : Cleantech Forum 2018


Big Booster 2018 - Season 3, Lyon
November 14 -16, 2017

frenchcleantech/partenaires/Bigbooster Frenchcleantech 2018.jpgBig Booster is a unique international non-profit acceleration program for startups provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost their new solutions in Bio & Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact, with the support of industry experts, early adopters and representatives from the VC community to take the leap internationally. Organized across the globe, from Lyon (FR) on November 14-16  to Boston (MA, USA), passing through China, Middle East & Africa, BigBooster aims at empowering startups to cross borders, think global and go international, with the help of major mentors, coach, and startup experts of all backgrounds.

File your application before September 18, 2017 on :  Big Booster Season 3


Cleantech Venture Day, London
October 30 -31, 2017

frenchcleantech/societes/images/Cleantech Venture Day 2017.jpgNordic Innovation Accelerator and Cambridge Cleantech have joined forces to bring Northern Europe’s largest and oldest cleantech investor event to London on 30 and 31 October 2017. The event will be hosted in the heart of London’s West End at KPMG’s offices and we are creating a Fininish flavour by hosting the pre-event this year at the beautiful Finnish Ambassador’s Residence in London. Join us for the first ever Cleantech Venture Day in London! The high level programme includes the familiar ingredients: interactive speed dating, networking, lively pitching sessions and keynotes from thought leaders including Matthew Bell, CEO, Committee for Climate Change, Bernie Bulkin, Chairman ID Solar Power and Professor Richard McMahon of Warwick University.The day will close with the annual Global Cleantech Cluster Association Later Stage Awards final which brings the Top 30 cleantech companies from all around the world to London! 

Book your seats now and apply for a pitching slot!


Ecosummit Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 4, 2017

frenchcleantech/partenaires/Ecosummit.jpgEcosummit accelerates smart green startups, investors and corporates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London and Paris. We promote startups, support co-investing and facilitate open innovation and corporate venturing. The second Ecosummit Amsterdam takes place on 4 July 2017 at  Pakhuls de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They will be showcasing the best smart green startups from the Netherlands to the European investor and corporate community. The agenda of ECO17 Amsterdam is online and features 40 speakers including 31 startups.

More information : Ecosummit Amsterdam


Cleantech Forum Europe Helsinki, Finland
May 16-18, 2017

frenchcleantech/partenaires/Insero mobility/UBIFRANCE/French Cleantech forum Helsinki.jpgFrench Cleantech partners with Cleantech Group for the Cleantech Forum Europe 2017 which will bring together clean technology’s most influential european leaders from across all areas of resource innovation. This annual comprehensive three-day program will create exclusive opportunities to network, share knowledge, and learn with cleantech investors, entrepreneurs and corporates.

More information : Cleantech Forum Europe Helsinki


World Alliance for efficient solutions - Switzerland
March 23, 2017 - Call for innovators !

frenchcleantech/societes/images/Solar Impulse cleantech.jpg

After the success of the first round-the-world solar flight, the Solar Impulse Foundation is launching the second phase of its action to improve the quality of life on Earth: the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions - that will federate actors (businesses, investors, associations and institutions) active in the field of sustainability. In the scope of this new challenge, they want to find 1,000 efficient and viable solutions that could help governments, municipalities and corporations reach their environmental and health targets. If you are a company, a startup, or entrepreneur developing, or commercializing innovative sustainable solutions, and are interested in taking part in our next adventure, we invite you to fill in the following questionnaire.

French Cleantech at Startupco on TLM TV- Lyon, France
March 24, 2017

frenchcleantech/partenaires/Insero mobility/UBIFRANCE/Albin Jourda Cleantech Cleancup Tlm.jpg

Albin Jourda, CEO of French Cleantech was invited at TLM for a TV show named Startupco with the participation of Eleonore Blondeau - CEO of Cleancup. Hosted by Jean Bergue, the session was dedicated to introduce the innovation developed by Cleancup and highlight the trend in the cleantech industry.

More information :