French CleanTech
Energy storage


Smart grid technology

Voltalis : Smart grid technology

Voltalis is a french independent energy operator specialised in dynamic energy management for companies and households. Voltalis has developed a new technology named Bluepod, which is a wireless transmitter and electricity modulator linked to centralluy controlled “smart grid software”. This technology can save home owners 10 % on their electric bills and utilities billions in money spent on building new power more Read more


Expert in CO2 geological storage

Geogreen : Expert in CO2 geological storage

Geogreen is a french company offering engineering services dedicated to the transport and geological storage of CO2. Geogreen is a subsidiary of the IFP (French Petroleum Institute), Geostock (an underground hydrocarbon storage company) and BRGM (Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière).read more Read more

Kaplan Energy

Solar water heater

Kaplan Energy : Solar water heater

Kaplan is a french company developing an innovative solution (E-Stocker) to provide solar energy, including days without sun, through thermal batteries to an accumulation of over-solar and the restitution days where the sun does not go. With partners as the CNRS and CETHIL, this young company is specialized in solar water more Read more


Lithium metal polymer battery

Batscap : Lithium metal polymer battery

BatScap, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group employing more than 150 researchers, engineers and technicians has developed high-performance energy storage components which are now set to enter mass more Read more


Solar ice fridge

Solaref : Solar ice fridge

SOLAREF is an autonomous solar ice fridge, 100% thermal solar, without wear nor maintenance, providing affordable and environmentally safe refrigeration for the maintenance of vaccines and medicines, and the preservation of food. It is producedby the SOLAREF company, and it is extremely useful where there is no electricity or difficulties in supplies of electricity (energy). Furthermore SOLAREFhas a cooperative trade distribution network strategy , through which helps installing the solar ice fridge in every part of the more Read more