French CleanTech
Energy generation


Renewable thermal energy

Newheat : Renewable thermal energy

Created in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Newheat relies on a multidisciplinary team and experienced managers to become one of the major players in the production of renewable thermal more Read more

Blue Shark Power System

Hydro Kinetic Turbine

Blue Shark Power System : Hydro Kinetic Turbine

The company has developed a Hydro Kinetic Turbine designed to  exploit slow-moving flows of water, as large river, tidal or water currents.

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Sustainable heat & Power Engine

Exoes : Sustainable heat & Power Engine

Exoès develops, designs and distributes Rankine microplants associated with renewable energy heat sources. Exoès’ system produces green electricity and heat at appealing costs for consumers who wish to participate directly in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to its technical and financial partners, Exoès develops its patented technology in order to carry out its first sales in more Read more


Plasma torches technology

Europlasma : Plasma torches technology

Europlasma is a french company founded in 1992 by two former employees of Aerospatiale, Didier Pineau and Maxime Labrot, to develop commercial applications for plasma technology in the field of waste processing. Today, the Company is a leading European innovator in the field of vitrification of hazardous waste materials, such as toxic ashes and asbestos, utilizing plasma fusion applications. Europlasma business activities comprise of designing and manufacturing plasma torches, waste treatment facilities and supplying services operators of vitrification unitsread more Read more


Solar tracking specialist

Exosun : Solar tracking specialist

EXOSUN, founded in 2007, designs, supplies, and integrates solar tracking and solar concentration systems, dedicated to clean energy production. The company has patented a solar tracking system that carries standard solar panels and will be able to withstand the restraints of solar concentration more Read more