French CleanTech


Solar resource expert

Kilowattsol : Solar resource expert

Calculate the capacity of a solar project from any point on the planet, particularly of course from a roof is the performance of the system developed by Kilowattsol, a start up crated by Xavier Daval in Lyon – France.The system integrates in a box apparatus to acquire data which are then exploited when loading via the Internet using a system of more Read more


Water treatment system

RC-Lux : Water treatment system

Founded in Meylan, RC-Lux offers innovative solutions for securing bacteriological water at its point of use, around its solution aquaCare. RC Lux was created in 2003 when Pascal Sortais, an LPSC research engineer and specialist in plasma and ion sources, realized that commercial UV lamps were expensive and offered a relatively low shelf life (merely a few thousand hours). With both this support and strong backing from investors, Pascal Sortais created RC Lux in January 2006, with his associate Xavier Pelletread more Read more


Increase yield of biomass cogeneration

COGEBIO : Increase yield of biomass cogeneration

Based in Lyon, Cogebio is a french engineering company developing new technology for energy production from biomass, both powerful, clean and inexpensive.The company developed a process based on a new thermodynamic cycle for electricity production from wood more Read more

Courb C-Zen

A new automotive concept

Courb C-Zen : A new automotive concept

Courb C-Zen is a young French cleantech company, run by Jean-Yves Castellon and Hervé Arnaud. The company developed an innovative electric vehicle powered by lithium phosphate more Read more


Innovative molding technologies

Roctool : Innovative molding technologies

Created in 2000, RocTool is the specialist in the conception and development of technologies based on induction heating for the moulding of composite and plastic materials. The process created by RocTool is patented and presents numerous advantages including the reduction in production cycle times and the surface quality achieved. With a strong team of specialists, a client base who leads in their field and a model of “licensing out”, generating recurring revenues, the company has specialized in the most dynamic segments and foresees a strong growth in its more Read more