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Sugarcane bioplastics

Sphere : Sugarcane bioplastics

The Sphere Group is a European’s leading manufacturer of household wraps and packaging. Sphere is launching the development of a wide range of household packaging and wrapping products made from renewable, biodegradable more Read more


Innovative insulation material

PCAS : Innovative insulation material

PCAS is a french company, worldwide leader in commercial scale pharmaceutical synthesis and fine and specialty chemical manufacturing. The company has developed a silica aerogel material (ISOGEL) which can be used as high performance insulating material in various industries like Construction Materials, Aeronautics, and so on. Aerogel is a silicon-based substance called frozen smoke or blue smoke. It is composed of 99.8% air and is a stiff foam with a density of 3 mg per cm3, which makes it the world’s lowest-density more Read more