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Energy efficiency


A revolution in LED

Ledex : A revolution in LED

Four years ago, Frank Mirabelli overthrow a LED in a glass of olive oil. While discovering that the brightness is more intense, he developed the E40 which bathes in a synthetic oil and offers a high numbers of more Read more

Armor Group

Beautiful light project

Armor Group : Beautiful light project

Thanks to its expertise from conception to production of inked films for thermal transfer printers (AICP), Armor Group has grown rapidly to conquer new market sectors around the world as more Read more


Low-energy mullticore chips

Kalray : Low-energy mullticore chips

Kalray is a fabless semiconductor and software company. Its MPPA MANYCORE processor are based on a unique processing architecture that delivers high computing power with best in class energy more Read more


Innovative wall insulation

MACC3 : Innovative wall insulation

With more 40 years of experience, MACC3 has developed a concept of passive bioclimatic house and BBC (energy-saving building) claimed by an international patent. read more Read more


Weather risk management

Metnext : Weather risk management

Metnext is a leading company in weather risk analysis, with a specific expertise in the energy sector. Metnext provides studies and tools enabling companies to evaluate and anticipate their weather risk exposure and to manage it effectivelyread more Read more