French CleanTech

Fruition Sciences

Precise water monitoring

Fruition Sciences : Precise water monitoring

Unlike existing tools that only provide bits and pieces of information, Fruition Sciences's revolutionary technology takes into consideration all aspects of the terroir that affect vine water more Read more


Ceramic membranes for liquid filtration

CTI : Ceramic membranes for liquid filtration

Based on R&D on membranes and membrane media for crossflow and frontal filtration for liquid purification, CTI now has the highest worldwide production capacity in ceramic membranes for liquid more Read more


Ultraviolet water treatment

Bio-uv : Ultraviolet water treatment

BIO-UV is a french manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment. On its production sites in Lunel (France) and Los Angeles (USA), the BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems and more Read more


Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno : Leveraging wastewater

Akaeno is a french cleantech company providig solutions for reusing wastewater and organic waste as an alternative means to produce energy. Akaeno expertise combines precision, flexibility and performance for wastewater treatment needs. Efficient performance with Akaeno patented processes is based on its ability and flexibility to adapt to a wide range of situations and pollution more Read more